Known Errors

Last updated May 21, 2019

To be fixed for the third printing

  • Page 37: The end of the last sentence should read “corresponds to a value of 30 roadways per unit area” (mhilton)
  • Page 91: The key for the Google spreadsheet has changed. Try hiv_key <- "1kWH_xdJDM4SMfT_Kzpkk-1yuxWChfurZuWYjfmv51EA" instead. (mwan)
  • Page 156: “We can compare this to a (hypothetical) sample of size \(n = 1,000\)” should be “We can compare this to a (hypothetical) sample of size \(n = 200\)” (zzhang)
  • Page 282: A comma is missing in the SQL query that causes the dest column to be erroneously labelled flight. (kbaker)
  • Page 310-313: There is inconsistent usage of babynamedb and babynamedata. All references should be to babynamedb. (kbaker)
  • Page 378: “The diameter of a graph is the length of the longest geodesic between any [two] pairs of vertices.” The word “two” should be removed. (agary)
  • Page 379: A parenthesis is missing after “(see Figure 16.1”. (bbaumer)

Fixed for the second printing

  • Page 10: The last sentence should start “It also seems clear” instead of “In also seems clear”. (voberholzer)
  • Page 36: In the caption to Figure 3.4, it should read “roadways is mapped to size”, instead of “educ is mapped to size.” (gmontoya)
  • Page 65: The filter() command on the start variable at the bottom of the page does not work as intended. The argument should be start > "1973-01-01". (sschmidt)
  • Page 90: At the end of Exercise 4.16, the following sentence should be added: “Use the Births78 data set from the mosaicData package as a reference.” (nhorton/bbaumer)
  • Page 214: It’s not clear where Votes_wide comes from. It’s shown in Table 9.1 and the code to generate it is (lkaganovskiy):

    Votes_wide <- Votes %>%
      tidyr::spread(key = bill, value = vote)
  • Page 375: Exercise 15.4 should read: “Find all of the adjectives in one of Shakespeare’s plays that end in more or less.” (nhorton/bbaumer)
  • Page 375: Exercise 15.5 should read: “Find all of the lines containing the stage direction Exit or Exeunt in one of Shakespeare’s plays.” (nhorton/bbaumer)
  • Page 399: Lambert Conformal Conic projection is misspelled. (nhorton)
  • Page 465: The residuals should be defined as \(\hat{\epsilon}_i = y_i - \hat{y}_i\). (alanarnholt)

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