The following data science haikus were created by the students in Amherst College’s STAT231 (Data Science) course during the spring of 2018.

Winner (Julia Asin)

understand data
gather spread filter select
making it tidy

Honorable mentions

World full of data
Just waiting to be explored
And we hold the keys

Other notable submissions

Data Science is
shaping the future using
numbers and haikus
data is tidy
when it paints a picture of
the world with numbers
A Frame of Data
Tidy, Mine, Analyze It
Now You Have Meaning
Graphics, tidy data,
Pipe operator grammar,
We all praise Hadley
I find wild data
Gather and spread to tidy
Plot show the meaning
Data visuals;
Making meaning from nonsense;
That's my aesthetic.
Big, messy data
Yearning for analysis
R we using R?