.@jo_hardin47 plugging @BaumerBen, Danny Kaplan and @askdrstats' book, Modern Data Science with R, particularly the chapter on ethics. Freely available to download! https://t.co/fKQInliXTW #icots10

— Amelia McNamara (@AmeliaMN) July 10, 2018

Just got my copy! I should try to get this autographed :) @BaumerBen @askdrstats pic.twitter.com/ZSwKsaE2kY

— Mine CetinkayaRundel (@minebocek) February 22, 2017

Excited to get this in the mail! Modern Data Science w R by @BaumerBen Danny Kaplan and @askdrstats pic.twitter.com/3Cv3p5RB83

— Miles Ott (@Miles_Ott) February 13, 2017

Now available: Modern #DataScience with #Rstats by @BaumerBen, Daniel Kaplan and @askdrstats from @CRC_MathStats https://t.co/L7CqP4u6yh pic.twitter.com/lFKVKxkLp1

— Math & Statistics (@CRC_MathStats) January 23, 2017